Recap of all 12 Apps of Christmas for Teaching and Learning

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Similar to the successful UK event, this fast, fun, microlearning opportunity was free, open, online and offered by BC post secondary educators for BC post secondary educators.  

The focus was on:

  • pedagogical value of the apps/tools but also includes ones that are useful for those helping others to learn or for anyone learning themselves (i.e., librarians, researchers)
  • experiential and connected learning

Recap of all Apps



More info?

The 12 Apps of Christmas was presented by ETUG, a grassroots group of BC educators interested in teaching, learning & ed tech in post-secondary education. The event was coordinated by Sylvia Riessner, Leva Lee and Clint Lalonde with contributions from the wider ETUG community. Visit the BCcampus website at to learn more.


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