2017- 2018 Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellowships

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The BC Open Education Team welcomes applications for the 2017- 2018 Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellowships.

More information and apply at https://open.bccampus.ca/call-for-proposals/faculty-fellows/

BCcampus is in the process of identifying post-secondary faculty in British Columbia for three 1-year Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellowships. Successful candidates will help raise awareness of open educational practices through advocacy and will work with the Senior Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellow to conduct, present, and publish research on open educational practices (including, for example, the adoption of open textbooks) at BC institutions. The Fellows will receive mentorship in OER advocacy and research along with funding to attend the Open Textbook Summit (May 2017), the Open Education Conference (November 2017), and one articulation committee meeting in their discipline. The overall funding support for Fellows will be approximately $3,500, to cover the cost of conference and meeting fees.

Note: BC faculty who currently hold an OER Research Fellowship with the Open Education Group at Brigham Young University are not eligible to apply for a 2017 OEAR Fellowship.

We are looking for academic leaders who are committed to improving the student learning experience through the use of OER and Open Educational Practices and who are eager to share their experiences with colleagues and peers across institutions

It is the intention of this fellowship program to locate candidates who:

  1. best represent the BC post-secondary system, and
  2. are representative of both phases of the BC Open Textbook project, i.e. at least one faculty who represents the 40 most highly enrolled subjects, and at least one who would represent the 20 textbooks for technical and skills training, and the trades.

The Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellowship is designed to achieve the following results:

  1. Encourage adoption of existing open textbooks
  2. Advocate for and educate faculty about the adaptation and creation of open textbooks
  3. Advocate for the use of student-centred learning design in open educational resources
  4. Advocate for the integration of open practices in teaching and learning in BC Post-secondary institutions
  5. Assist BCcampus staff with ensuring that the resources in our collection are relevant and of high quality
  6. Conduct research on open education in BC post-secondary institutions.

Fellow Responsibilities

OEAR Fellows will:

  • Engage in research as led by the Senior Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellow
  • Attend the BC Open Textbook Summit and present on research progress
  • Attend OpenEd 2017 to deliver presentation on research conducted through the fellowship program (expenses part of stipend)
  • Attend 1 articulation committee meeting in discipline (related expenses part of stipend) to advocate for open education
  • Author 1-2 blog posts for BCcampus blog related to the open education advocacy and research work he/she is engaged in
  • Conference fees, travel, attendance, articulation committee attendance equates to approximately $3,500 value


Appointments will be for a one year term beginning January 2017.


Fellowship applications will be evaluated using three criteria:

  1. Activity related to and familiarity with open educational resources and open textbooks (up to 30 points)
  2. Ability to represent their institution and discipline (e.g. articulation committee meetings, institutional committee representation, institutional and discipline-specific collaboration) (up to 20 points)

The third criterion will be the applicant’s home institution. If there are multiple candidates with total scores within 5 points, the fellow will be selected from the institution that best represents the BC post-secondary system (i.e. one institute, one research university, one college). Where the institution factor does not apply, the highest scoring applicant will be awarded the position.


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