3D [FWD] – An International Conference on 3D Technology

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Thursday, January 24, 2013 (All day) – Friday, January 25, 2013 (All day)

Emily Carr’s S3D Centre and The International 3D Society will host 3D[FWD], a conference focused on the business of 3D, on January 24 and 25 at the Vancity Theatre. The conference brings together leaders from a cross-section of industries, such as healthcare, advertising, entertainment, and digital media to explore the impact of 3D technology in today’s marketplace and for the future.

Leaders and innovators in 3D from Hollywood, London, and Canada, including an Academy Award winner, will showcase, discuss, and debate some of the latest developments in 3D, and explore how the 3D transformation will affect business. With more than 50 major 3D movies scheduled for release in 2013, millions of 3DTV sets being sold in the global marketplace, and an abundance of stereoscopic consumer products to be launched, it is an opportune time to learn how 3D can be used as a powerful business tool.

Topics to be covered include Storytelling in 3D, Canada’s Evolving 3D Landscape, Finance and Content Licensing, Post Production, 3D Conversion, and Advertising and Marketing in the 3D Space.

For tickets and the latest updates, go to 3dsociety.ca.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Adam May, Head of Production, Vision3
  • Buzz Hays, Founder, True Image Co. Inc.
  • Colin Jenken, Technical Art Director, Gener8
  • David Brenner, CEO, Principal Media
  • Grant Anderson, Executive Director, Sony Pictures Studios
  • Ian Herring, Founder, Parallax Film Productions
  • James Stewart, Director/Producer, Geneva Film Co.
  • Josh Hollander, Director of Production, Pixar
  • Mark Lasoff, Visual Effects Supervisor, Gener8
  • Matthew Smith, Stereographer, Vision3
  • Robert Neuman, Stereographic Supervisor, Disney Animation Studios
  • Toni Myers, Producer/Director, IMAX

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