Faculty Laptop Program

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About the Faculty Laptop Program

This program provides leased Mac laptops to continuing faculty based on a 4 year lease cycle. At the end of the fourth year of the lease cycle faculty are eligible to request a replacement leased laptop for another 4 year lease cycle. At the end of each 4 year lease cycle, faculty will return their laptop. When available from the leasing company, faculty will have the option to purchase their end of lease laptops.

Faculty laptops will be delivered to you with the following installed software applications: Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Apple iWorks & iLife. Information on requesting additional software is found in the Faculty Software Allocation document.

You will be contacted in the year for which your laptop lease is coming due and asked to complete an online survey to select your replacement laptop model. Please feel free to contact ithelp@ecuad.ca if you have any questions concerning your current laptop, its lease, or the process for replacing it.

Faculty Software Allocation

Faculty software allocation is independent from the faculty laptop program.

The deadline for software requests is also April 30 of each year. Send requests for software to Trudy Chalmers (tchalmers@ecuad.ca). NOTE: This will be the only faculty software purchase process for the 2012/2013 academic year.

Software requests will be vetted on a priority basis. When submitting your software request present a clear rational for you need. Generally, approval for software requests will be based on the following priorities:

1.  Software you directly teach in a computer lab, or computer resource area.

2.  Software required to assist & support your curriculum & students.

3.  Software to support a requirement of your position or duties.

4.  Software you want to explore the possibility of teaching & supporting.

5.  Software you are interested in but do not have a plan to teach/support.

You may be contacted for further clarification of your software request.

In your software request please also state where you intend to use the software (i.e. on your faculty laptop, home computer, other computer).

A list of software currently installed on the University curriculum computers (labs, smart rooms, etc.) can be found here: http://www.ecuad.ca/resources/its

Ongoing help with your computer can be obtained by sending an email to ithelp@ecuad.ca .

Laptop Guidelines

Generally, the IT Department will be faculty’s first point of contact if they require help with their ECU laptop. Other Types of first level services the TLC will provide, including help with email (Thunderbird & Horde),  Moodle, Blogs, limited application support (MS Office, iWorks, etc.)

An ECU purchased laptop suspected of hardware problems will first be analyzed by ITS before the faculty member is directed to an Apple Authorized Repair facility. ECU laptops are covered under AppleCare warranties. Faculty are to be directed to ITS for the Mac laptop analysis.

Transferring Data from an existing laptop to your new Emily Carr Faculty Laptop

You may need a firewire 400 to firewire 800 adapter to transfer the contents from an older laptop to you new Faculty Laptop. AV does not have any of these adapters but they do have firewire 400 cables. Once you have the adapter just sign out one of AV’s cables and use Migration assistant to transfer the stuff across.

Instructions on how to use Migration assistant can be found here:

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