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All faculty and staff may subscribe to a new learning service available through the website (

As a new Premium member to the Online Training Library®, the following benefits are now available to you:

  • 24×7 access to all of the /25660/ video tutorials on more than /370/ topics available in the Online Training Library®.Choose from subjects that include digital video, digital imaging,productivity software, Web design tools, digital photography skills, graphic design techniques, and more.
  • Tutorials created by industry professionals who are experts in their subject matter and skilled at teaching. Our movie format lets you stop, rewind, pause, and replay, which allows you to learn at your own pace. Our more than 50 instructors include industry leaders like Lynda Weinman, Michael Ninness, Molly Holszchag, Bert Monroy, Shane Rebenschied, and others. Immediate access to tons of new video tutorials posted every month.

To access this service, faculty and staff should first identify which video workshops they would like to take by visiting the website ( ), searching for the software via the drop down menus and identifying how much time they would like to have for learning the tutorials.

The next step would be to send an email to with the details of the workshops you would like to take and I will send you a user login and password.

For Technicians
A generic account can be accessed by any of the technical staff at ECI. This account is to be reserved as a reference account for technicians who need to look up facts quickly on certain aspects for any of the software packages supports. It’s really important to log out of this account once you have used it, to provide access to other technical staff members.

Educators’ Resources

The Educator’s Resources area of is dedicated to serving the academic community in order to help educators better use products in the classroom.

Discounted Student Enrollment Program. This exciting offer allows you to select up to 5 of our Online Training Library® titles to make available to your students over a predefined term that you schedule, all for a dramatically reduced one-time fee that’s pro-rated at $10.00 per month. What’s more, if ten or more of your students take advantage of the service, you receive complimentary access to our entire Online Training Library® at our “Premium” membership level for the term of your students’ enrollment.

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