AskAway Chat now in Moodle

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There’s a new chat window for connecting with an AskAway librarian from the Moodle course web pages. The “Library AskAway” Moodle block can be added by going to your course, turning editing on, then scrolling down and selecting from the Add block drop down menu, the “Library AskAway” block.

This will bring up the AskAway chat window. Students or Faculty can just type in their questions into the “Your Question/Message” area and a librarian will begin to chat with them in the window above.

AskAway is a BC post-secondary online chat reference service. You can get help from librarians with finding resources on your research topic by using the chat box on the right hand side of every library page.

AskAway is open:

Sunday – Thursday 10am – 9pm
Friday + Saturday 11am – 5pm

For more information about the AskAway program please visit

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