British Columbia Moodle Users

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British Columbia Moodle Users is a community of practice for individuals interested in learning about, and improving their use of, Moodle.

What’s happening right now?

Community Hub

Discussions related to the use of Moodle will take place in the Community Hub. Each space (course) within the Hub will focus on specific areas of interest. These areas were identified as a starting point, but of course can change or more can be added!

  1. Teaching and Learning With Moodle
  2. Moodle Site Adminstrators
  3. BCcampus Shared Service (Is there a need for space? Continue to use Basecamp as ‘ticketing’ system. Where to share and discuss shared service questions and meeting notes?)

Support Materials and Courses 

This is where we will gather our support materials and courses created by and for community members. All materials hosted in the community can be downloaded. Revisions should be shared back to the community.

Collaborative Development

Community members can create project spaces to discuss and develop new resources and tools.

Professional Development

Community members may choose to deliver their workshops and courses on this site. This is a useful option if you would like to pilot a new course, or invite participation outside of their institutions. (Note: The SCoPE site may be more suited for course delivery, especially if invitations extend beyond BC)

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