Education by Design: ETUG Spring Jam, June 1 – 2, UBC Okanagan!

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EducationByDesign - ETUG 2017

Education by Design
ETUG Spring Jam!
June 1 – 2, 2017 [Thurs. & Fri. with Pub Night on Wed.]
UBC Okanagan, Kelowna, B.C.

We welcome proposals from faculty, staff and students to facilitate a session at this year’s event being held at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna B.C. We are excited to announce a new approach this year: the ETUG Spring Jam! What do you think of when you hear the word “jam”? In the realm of teaching and learning, “jam” or “jams” can be short brainstorming, problem-solving sessions or more intensive, focused creating sessions such as a sprint or hackathon. From a cultural and art making perspective “jam” can refer to music and celebrations, or culinary-wise, a lovely sticky gooey fruit-filled confection. The focus of  our Spring  Jam 2017 is to bring participants together to share innovative approaches and processes used in designing for education and to work on real-world wicked-design problems/challenges.  Join us for “Education by Design: ETUG Spring Jam”!

Workshop streams are the following:

1. Sharing Innovative Approaches, Processes + Methods
  • Innovative process such as sprints, jams, studios, charrettes, hackathons, mashups, working sessions, used to create educational materials, lessons, workshops, sessions, courses, etc.
  • New approaches to course design and delivery such as open course design, agile approaches
  • Ways that you have engaged individuals (i..e Faculty, Staff and Students) in design thinking approaches to help plan their teaching/learning resources
  • Ways that you have used innovative practices/approaches in the classroom to engage students (i.e. having student co-create knowledge and/or content), Cross-cultural collaboration and working on diverse and global design teams
  • New cultures=New design – design opportunities to support community learning
  • Participatory design approaches in teaching, learning and doing (i.e. having students and/or the public contribute to the design of a course, program, etc.)
2. Wicked-Design Challenges!

In the spirit of co-creation, collaborations, and crowd-sourcing, bring your wicked-design challenges and work together to create solutions or just have a meaningful conversation! The aim of this is engage everyone in sharper strategic thinking by “revealing entangled challenges and possibilities that are not intuitively obvious”. (See here for ideas or   Here are some wicked-challenges to consider:

  • Designing the online learning space (Next Generation Digital Learning Environment or NGDLE)
  • Creating the perfect blend for online/onsite learning
  • Balancing privacy vs. openness (Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP))
  • A learning technology design challenge you are stuck on (i.e a course, program, a project, etc.)

[HOW IT WORKS: You have 60 seconds to pitch your wicked-design challenges to participants. Once the pitches are over, participants can sign up for teams…Teams then meet to uncover the needs, discuss possible solutions, create rough prototypes to take back into the field, and test in real-life!]

All artifacts from ETUG events are openly licensed according to the terms of  Creative Commons 4.0. International license. This includes photographs, audio and video recordings, and session materials. Facilitators and participants are encouraged to post and share their work online. When posting to social media, please use #etug


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