GNW On Campus Services Overview

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This page provides an overview of the Great Northern Way campus resources and services available for faculty and staff at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Continuing Studies Faculty can find a resource website at

Where do I go and how do I log in?
To log in, go to and log in using your InsideEC username and password
Can I still access everything in InsideEC?
Everything you can access in InsideEC currently is also available in myEC. We will keep both systems running throughout the fall with a goal to sunset most services in InsideEC by the end of the term.
Who do I talk to if I need help?
Check out for more information, if you need further assistance, is your gateway to support!

Media Resources Department (Equipment booking)

Visit their web page at: media resources

Collaborative Technologies Support (Classroom support)

If you need immediate technical support operating built-in av equipment such as mounted projectors, mounted LED monitors, or WePresent throughout the campus, please call the

Collaborative Technologies Support (CTS) hot line at (604) 630-4559.

CTS technical staff are roving technicians, they do not have a central office.  The CTS hot line goes directly to the roving CTS staff’s cell phones.  CTS staff will endeavour to help you immediately by troubleshooting the issue with you on the phone or coming directly to your location.

Here is how you can call the CTS hot line:  *

  • Use your cell phone to call CTS helpline (604) 630-4559  *
  • If using University phone system, dial the last four digits – 4559  *
  • Use one of the security phones located across the university and dial 4559

If you would like to book a BlueJeans meeting, or schedule a training session on WePresent or an AV system in a specific room, email to set-up an appointment.

Please do not email CTS if you need immediate assistance. Call the CTS helpline.

Branding and Logos

There are MS Word templates, and higher quality versions of our logo available here (just use your Emily Carr email username/password to login):

Campus Maps

Here you can download maps of our Great Northern Way campus at 520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 0H2
First Floor (1000s)

  • Audain Faculty of Art
  • Media Resources
  • Chayse Innovations – 3D Print Studio
  • Film, New Media + Sound Arts
  • Integrated Motion Capture
  • Timothy C. Kerr Photography Studio
  • Sculpture
  • Wood Shop
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Tool Checkout + Resale Material
  • The Dobney Foundry Metal Works Department
  • Judith Christine Cranmer Ceramics Studio
  • Marita Nudelman Ceramics Studio
  • Reliance Theatre
  • Loafe Mini cafe

Second Floor (2000s)

  • Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons
  • Jack Shadbolt Writing Centre
  • President’s Office
  • Academic Affairs
  • Communications, Advancement + Alumni Relations
  • Finance
  • Counseling, Wellness + Accessibility Services
  • Career + Professional Development + Student Life
  • Human Resources
  • Facilties
  • Aboriginal Gathering Place
  • Loafe Cafe
  • Student Union
  • Rennie Hall
  • READ Bookstore
  • Libby Leshgold Gallery
  • Student Commons
  • Continuing Studies
  • RBC Media Gallery
  • Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons
  • Emily Carr Boardroom

Third Floor (3000s)

  • Communication Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Foundation
  • Wood Shop (Furniture + Prototyping)
  • Animation
  • Interaction Design

Fourth Floor (4000s)

  • Audain Faculty of Art
  • Research Creation
  • The Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Drawing
  • John + Dana Montalbano Centre for Painting
  • Wood Shop (Stretchers + Surfaces)
  • Sewing + Soft Shop
  • DOC
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • The Douglas C. Gordon Art Studio


Digital Output Centre (Doc)

The DOC is both a service bureau and a resource centre. Students, staff, and faculty can submit digital files for output using wide format inkjet printers, photographic image recorders, imagePress, CD/DVD printer, and a vinyl cutter. The DOC is also home to scanning equipment and colour calibrated workstations for preparing files for printing. Carlos Mendes and Eduardo Rodriguez are the resident Studio Technicians available to guide you through the process of preparing and submitting files for output. The DOC can be contacted at


Please refer to these documentation for getting setup with your email.

Emily Carr Main Website

The University Advancement Office has been working together to develop a number of procedures that should prove helpful to the Emily Carr community.  In light of the challenges with the self-publishing links, one such procedure is the attached, Posting to the Emily Carr Website. We are delighted that so many people wish to assist with the communications process and are pleased to help make things a little easier so that everyone may participate.

Home Use Software

Home Use Rights are available to Faculty, Staff, and Administrator employee groups. You may have Home Use Rights for as long as you remain an ECU employee. Home Use Rights applies to both Mac and PC computers. See more information at:

IT Services

For a full list of IT services please visit their page at and here for pdf documents.

For immediate IT assistance please contact the IT Help Desk at

Library Services


Policies + Procedures

Event Booking

Internal Event Request Form and an Information Sheet on the new procedures.

Here are the required steps to ensure your event is a success and to ensure that all of the university’s internal stakeholders are able to support you effectively.

 At least THREE (3) WEEKS prior to your event:

  1. Determine budget and scope of your event and secure authorization and event budget from your Dean/Departmental Head.
  2. Contact Facilities to place a hold on a suitable room. Obtain the Internal Event Request Form (attached) prior to or at this step to begin acquiring the required signatures (Media Services, Risk Assessment, Security + Janitorial Assessment).
  3. Complete the Internal Event Request form and ensure you have ALL required signatures and GL codes, as needed.

At least TWO (2) WEEKS prior to your event:

The completed Event Request form MUST be submitted to Facilities. If this is not achieved within the time frame, we may not be able to accommodate your event.

  1. Your completed Event Request will require varying degrees of consultation and approvals from the VP Academic Office, President’s Office, Johnson Control (JCI), Collaborative Technologies + Media Resources, Facilities and University Advancement: Events. Please allow adequate time for these areas to process your request.
  2. Facilities will confirm your event and room booking.

No changes to the Event shall be made within two (2) weeks of the date of the event.

Facility Rentals

Technical Services

Emily Carr’s technical services department consists of a team of technicians and specialists from a broad spectrum of disciplines who provide curriculum support to the University’s students, faculty and staff for all areas outside of computer resources. It runs several blogs to support its shops and studios.

Video or Digital Video Editing

There is a full dubbing station service available for the dubbing conversion of 3/4”, VHS, Beta, MiniDV through the AV and Film Departments. Please see the Dubbing-Room Equipment List for a complete list of equipment. Please contact Rafael Tsuchida in the  Fim Video Integrated Media Department for obtaining access.

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