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Emily Carr Librarians are available to organize and present instructional sessions for all faculty and students across the curriculum. Our instructional activity spans from onsite library orientations and technology tours, to artists’ books sessions and help with specific assignments. The Librarians are also available to meet for individual research help.

TOURS – The librarians offer regular tours to new faculty and students throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce you and your students to some of the new technology available in the library including the interactive table, 3-D film screening area, and book scanner.

IN-CLASS RESEARCH INSTRUCTION – Librarians can design and teach classroom-based research instruction across the curriculum. Each in-class session usually last 1 – 1 1/2 hours and are tailored specifically to a classroom assignment or broader research theme. This type of instruction will walk students through the process of brainstorming, concept mapping, using open access resources and library databases, searching the library catalogue, Creative Commons and basic copyright information, citation and bibliography. Librarians will encourage student participation throughout with questions, short exercises, group discussions, and requests for search examples throughout the presentations.

ARTISTS’ BOOKS ORIENTATIONS– Arrange a class visit with a librarian to look at our Artists’ Books Collection. Integrate this amazing teaching collection into your curriculum whether it be communication design, screen printing, curatorial practice, social practice, painting, photography, creative writing or design. It is the perfect opportunity to practice teaching with objects and to initiate an engaging interdisciplinary discussion out of the classroom into the library.

INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH SESSIONS- Schedule a one-on-one research session with a Librarian and review the resources available to you that will actively support your creative practice and research needs.

COLLABORATIVE LEARNING ACTIVITIES- The librarians are interested in pursuing cross-disciplinary collaboration with faculty in areas of research concerning the book, experimental archives, social practice, digital resource management, artists’ publications, media archiving, bibliography and digital images. We are also engaged in compiling class reading lists, facilitating exhibitions in the library, working with co-op students, participating in class-critiques and mentoring students who have an interest in libraries.

Larissa Beringer (on sabbatical leave until January 2015)
Art, Design + Media Librarian

Ken Laing
Contract Librarian

Danuta Zwierciadlowski
Electronic Resources + Journals Librarian

Hillary Webb
Systems and Technical  Services Librarian

Use our new workshop/tour request form:

icon_chat(colour)Chat with a librarian online: AskAway is a BC post-secondary online chat reference service. You can get help from librarians with finding resources on your research topic by using the chat box on the right hand side of every page on the library website.

icon_email(colour)Email us with your

icon_phone(colour)General inquiries and reference services: 604.844.3840

icon_inperson(colour)In person: Visit the reference desk or schedule an appointment with a librarian to discuss your research.

We are available to help you make the most of the Library’s resources and services. Whether it’s a question about library resources or how to approach a research project we encourage you to ask questions.

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