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Michelle Moore – Teaching with Moodle: Best Practices in Course Design

In this session, Michelle Moore explores and discusses the common features of good Moodle courses and work to bring together what we know about “best practices” in Moodle course development

Teaching with Moodle

Here are some useful links to help teachers and students have a positive Moodle experience that enhances the learning process:

  • The Good Teacher – a story about how a good teacher improves her teaching….. when she discovers Moodle!
  • Teaching Do’s & Teaching Don’ts – Good general/pedagogical guidelines to consider when setting up a course in Moodle and introducing students to it.
  • Case studies – This is a subset of the Moodle Stories forum. It contains a collection of innovative ways teachers are utilizing Moodle in their classroom. This is a great place for teachers who like the idea of Moodle and what it has to offer, but could benefit from ideas to start from.

Course Design

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning second edition
edited by Terry Anderson

Free pdf’s of the Book and the individual chapters are available at

Every chapter in the widely distributed first edition has been updated, and four new chapters on current issues such as connectivism and social software innovations have been added. Essays by practitioners and scholars active in the complex, diverse, and rapidly evolving field of distance education blend scholarship and research; practical attention to the details of teaching and learning; and mindful attention to the economics of the business of education.

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