ELIA Leadership Symposium 2011

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December 07 – 09, 2011 Emily Carr and the European League of Institutes of the Arts are pleased to present the program of the 5th ELIA Leadership Symposium: ‘W/Here: Contesting Knowledge in the 21st Century.’

View the conference video proceedings or visit the ELIA Symposium website

“W/Here: Contesting Knowledge in the 21st Century” brings together leaders from art schools across the globe for an important and timely discussion of the changing role of art education today. Art and design learning in the 21st century has been transformed, in large part as a result of the explosion of digital cultures and the acceleration generated by attendant technologies. For institutions, what is at stake is a shift in function of learning, where the skills developed are not based on the delivery of knowledge, but on the fostering of collaboration, networking, play and stimulation. In this context, the event will address important strategic challenges faced by cultural institutions in the midst of transition, with a particular focus on leadership, succession and new pedagogical perspectives.

W/Here will serve as a studio experience for leaders in the fields of art and design education and learning, who are interested in understanding how to meet the challenges of the changing context of learning. Through a combination of formal presentations and facilitated discussions, W/Here will provide an opportunity for administrators and educators and to share strategies and models for addressing the role of the 21st Century art and design university.

Hosting this event at Emily Carr University of Art + Design is timely. With a new campus on the horizon, the question of digital cultures, participation and the transformation of learning will inform the articulation of new classroom spaces, the creation of studios, and the obscuring of the division between technology and the space of the classroom.


Founded in 1990, the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) is an independent membership organisation representing approximately 350 higher arts education institutions from over 45 countries. ELIA represents all disciplines in the arts, including architecture, dance, design, fine art, media arts, music and theatre. Through its members, ELIA represents unique bodies of knowledge and facilitates dialogues, mobility and activities between artists, teachers, administrators, senior managers, key decision makers and more than 250,000 students.

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