Emily Carr University Production Services (ECUPS)

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Emily Carr University Production Services (ECUPS) provides recording, editing, publishing and web broadcasting of ongoing special events and lectures that take place at Emily Carr University. The production team’s members are highly qualified Emily Carr students, trained in film and video, who may call upon other departments such as the Animation and Design departments to assist with productions.

Our website is located at http://ecups.ecuad.ca/

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Recording Scenarios
A one hour live talk includes the overall video production and coordination of the event:

  • the setup and video recording of the event
  • the post production editing, ensuring the video and audio quality
  • the web publishing of the event to both broadcast and mobile formats
  • Digital archiving and cataloging of the event.
  • DVD authoring if requested
  • the digital tape and the DVD disk(s)

Each hour of video or audio post-production and web publishing will be billed at $22.00 an hour per technician and does not include DVD disk(s). Live web streaming is billed at $22.00 per event.

For a quote and to inquire more about our rates and services, please send an email to tlc@ecuad.ca


ECUPS team filming Luke Parnell and Brenda Crabtree for the Urban Access project, March 2014
(Photos courtesy of Moira Simpson)

ECUPS publishes to the following platforms.

Emily Carr on Vimeo

Vimeo – http://vimeo.com/emilycarr


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