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The Fine Art Digital Imaging System (FADIS)

Now available through the Emily Carr University Library

What is FADIS?

* Web-based courseware tool for the delivery of visual media
* Provides administrative, faculty and student components for interacting with material
* Java Server Application developed using Apple’s WebObjects
* Relational database of 10,000 images with corresponding meta data
* Dynamic HTML web page generation in response to user’s requests
* Object-oriented application, mapping database tables to java objects
* Flexible and scalable delivery system

The Emily Carr University Library now offers scanning and FADIS services for faculty.

  • The library will accept book and journal images for scanning, personal slides and slides from the ECU Library.
  • The images will be compiled on a CD for the faculty member.
  • The images will be added to the FADIS online database to be shared with the ECU community.

Owing to time constraints and staff workloads, it may not be possible for the library to produce digital images to meet all your needs. The library will need as much advance notice as possible and the minimum time frame to scan a single request of up to 30 images is one week.

Please see the Digital Images Policy handout.

Please contact Tara Robertson or Danuta Zwierciadlowski in the library for more information.

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