Spring 2013 Course Packs

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Faculty now have a choice of how to deliver Course Readings:

Option (1)      Create a Print Course Pack

Submit a paper copy to Catherine Horan choran@eciad.ca and have FedEx Office print copies upon order from the students. Students will pay for these printed course packs.

The paper copy of your Course Pack and the eLog (attached) must be handed in by Thursday, December 6th.

If you do a course pack this way I will let you know when the proof copy comes back that you will need to review and how to inform your students about ordering the Course Pack online with FedEx Office.

Option (2)      Create a Digital Course Collection
Digital copies of course materials may be uploaded to the University’s Learning Management System (Moodle), provided that:

When making copies under Fair Dealing or using the Access Copyright license, the eLog (13-SP Elog form) spreadsheet must be fully completed and returned to me for our documentation and reporting purposes prior to materials being posted or distributed. When making copies under the Access Copyright license, you must ensure that the readings being copied are not published by Publishers who are on the Exclusions List.

The Repertoire Look-Up Tool is a tool designed to let you know whether a particular publication is in Access Copyright’s repertoire. This tool can be used to help you determine whether you can make a copy from a published book, journal, magazine, newspaper or similar publication.

To make your Digital Course Collection available to your students, a Moodle site will be set up for your course and on this site you would upload your Course Collection files. Please contact Grant Gregson, Teaching + Learning Centre (ggregson@ecuad.ca,  604-630-4554, Room 201 NB)

Please use these guides to assist you for making your materials for your course.

NOTE – Anyone teaching an Online course or a course at North Island College who wants to do a Course Pack must do a Digital one.

Danielle Zandvliet in Student Services will be sending all new faculty information on how to access the website so you are able to email your students. You will let your students know if there is a Course Pack for your course and whether they need to order one or log on to the Moodle site to read it.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Catherine Horan choran@eciad.ca

NOTE TO NEW FACULTY: By January 2nd, all University correspondence will be to your Emily Carr Email address.

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