Free Resources for New Arrivals to Vancouver

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If you are new to Emily Carr University and Vancouver or planning your move, have a look at some of the resources that the City of Vancouver, the BC and federal government and agencies in Vancouver provide.

Growing Roots: A Newcomer’s Guide to Vancouver

Cover of Growing Roots - A Newcomer's Guide to Vancouver
This guide was developed in response to the diverse needs of people arriving in Vancouver; as an invitation for participation and civic engagement; and as a useful resource for accessing services and welcoming spaces.

It features unique and personal stories shared by Vancouver residents, and highlights the many services and resources available to newcomers to the city.

First Peoples: A Guide for Newcomers

Cover of First Peoples - A Guide for Newcomers
Newcomers are often at a disadvantage when it comes to learning about First Peoples because of language barriers, access to information, or the time to learn.

This guide provides information about the rich culture, diverse history, and experiences of Canada’s First Peoples designed to build greater understanding between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal communities.

The publication of the guide also commemorates the City of Vancouver Year of Reconciliation.

Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia

B.C. Government

Government of Canada


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