“Ideas That Matter” in Education: NMC Summer 2013

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The New Media Consortium (NMC) hosted the 2013 NMC Summer Conference in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Hundreds of highly skilled education professionals traveled from across the globe to attend the NMC’s most influential event of the year. The conference commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the NMC. Nearly 50 sessions highlighted the integration of emerging technologies into teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. All of the plenary events were captured on video in a special collection featured on the home page of iTunes U — the world’s leading course and content distribution platform. The content in this collection, “2013 NMC Summer Conference Ideas That Matter,” can all be downloaded for free.

“The 2013 NMC Summer Conference convened thought leaders in education,” said NMC CEO, Dr. Larry Johnson. “From the opening keynote to the closing panel, we explored ways to spread innovation in learning and to creatively tackle the inevitable challenges along the way. The presentations and conversations at this event are integral to shaping the next 20 years in education.”

Highlighted presentations in the collection include:

Opening Keynote — Participatory Learning – Powered by Technology
Karen Cator, CEO of Digital Promise The future of learning is personal and participatory, and technology enables new strategies and systems for meeting students, and administrators where they are. This keynote, delivered by the former Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, presents the barriers and the necessary innovations for ensuring the future is bright.

NMC K-12 Ambassadors Forum — Solving Wicked Problems in Education
Troy Bagwell, Decatur ISD; Sue Bedard, Full Sail University; David Boxer, The Blake School; Jonathan Nalder, Mobile and Digital Learning; Cheryl Steighner, Camelot Elementary, Federal Way Public Schools Launched in January 2013 in partnership with lynda.com, the NMC K-12 Ambassador Program began with a global search for K-12 education professionals who are committed to using innovative approaches to teaching and learning in their K-12 classrooms. Five K-12 Ambassadors were selected to present solutions to the most daunting challenges faced in education in the NMC K-12 Ambassadors Forum at the Summer Conference. The audience voted on their 10-minute presentations, and the winning presentation by Cheryl Steighner received the 2013 Don Henderson Prize.

Five Minutes of Fame
Danny Arati, Intel; Jared Bendis and Mike Kenney, Case Western Reserve University; Michael Berman, CSU Channel Islands; Carole Burns, Marquette University; Laurie Burruss, lynda.com; Christine Ferrera, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Maya Georgieva, New York University; Holly Ludgate, NMC; Sherry Nichols, University of Alabama, University Libraries; Tomas Plojhar and Deena Kelly, Glogster EDU; Raymond Riley, Alma College; Emily Wray, Full Sail University
The NMC’s signature event, Five Minutes of Fame, is an annual NMC tradition that allows NMC members to show off their latest media projects. In each Five Minutes of Fame demonstration, selected NMCers are given five minutes to highlight a wide range of innovations — from multimedia and web-based projects, to course modules and newly invented or adapted tools, to student portfolios and collaborations with off-campus groups. In each fast-paced presentation, there are clear examples of the exciting work taking place across the NMC.

Ideas That Matter Series
Stephen Apkon, The Jacob Burns Film Center; Gavin Dykes, NMC; Bill Frakes, Straw Hat Visuals; Holly Witchey, Johns Hopkins University and Case Western Reserve University
The NMC Ideas That Matter series highlights the ideas of trend-setting leaders within the NMC community. Each of these speakers brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to their work, and in fast-paced 18-minute talks, each share a big idea and their passion around it. In this session, hear from four of these extraordinary leaders. Their ideas are transformative and engaging — and sure to stretch thinking and perspectives across all education sectors.

Emerging Leaders Forum
Todd Bryant, Dickinson College; Nico Carver, University of Delaware; José Ignacio Fernández Cofré, Equipo FRC Corazón de Chileno; Gregory Fortner, Network Labs; Michael Furdyk, TakingITGlobal; Sarah Schauss and Matthew Worwood, EDUCATION CONNECTION’s Center for 21st Century Skills; Carol Stensrud, New Media Visual Arts at VSA TEXAS

The Emerging Leaders Forum encompasses a group of rising stars in education that are presenting ways to make significant change in their worlds. Emerging Leaders traveled to the conference from Texas to Chile and beyond to deliver 10-minute presentations with an opportunity to answer questions from the audience. Ultimately, the audience voted on an Emerging Leader to receive an award and $2,500 cash prize. Nico Carver of University of Delaware was the victor.

Closing Panel — Fast Forward: The NMC in 20 Years
Larry Johnson, NMC; Lev Gonick, Case Western Reserve University; Scott Sayre, Sandbox Studios/Museum 411; Kristina Woolsey, Exploratorium
Where is learning headed? Will it be substantially different 20 years from now? What are the major long-term trends we can count on to impact our decisions? What existing challenges will persist and what new ones will arise? In a special panel visually facilitated by Mary Stall, integral figures in the NMC’s history reflect upon the past and explore the possibilities for the journey ahead, sharing their visions for the next 20 years.

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