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Keynote is a presentation software application developed as a part of the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc. It has themes, transitions and animations, and the ability to control the slideshow with an iPhone or iPod touch through the Keynote Remote application which is available for purchase on the iTunes Store. It is Apple’s equivelant to PowerPoint.

Keynote Tutorials

Keynote 6 Essential Training (with David Rivers)
The Keynote tutorial is a good place for faculty to have a full video tutorial of Keynotes features and useage in a chapterized view.

Faculty must first login to using your Emily Carr credentials, by clicking on the login link below to access all of the files in the above tutorial.

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lyndaCampus provides unrestricted web-based access to the entire library of instructional videos for all current registered students, faculty, and staff at Emily Carr University.

Keynote 2013 Full Tutorial (ver 6.2)

Al Gore using Keynote for An Inconvenient Truth

“I’m guessing it’s the first time that a feature film or documentary has ever been made with Keynote as its basis,” says Lesley Chilcott, coproducer of the Sundance Film Festival hit “An Inconvenient Truth.” “When we were trying to figure out how to best film Al’s presentation,” Chilcott recalls, “we looked at a variety of options when designing multiple screens for him. Once we started investigating Keynote and its capabilities, we realized that it was best to actually film the presentation using Keynote on multiple screens.


Present Like Steve Jobs

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