Moodle 2.0 Tutorials

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Faculty can refer to the following Moodle guides,

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Faculty Guide to Online Learning
  • Best Practices Guide
  • *Please note: that you will be prompted for your Emily Carr username and a password to login to these tutorials. You can then use the enrollment key of “faculty” for accessing the faculty guides. These will then be added to the courses section of your “My home” area.

Students can refer to the Getting Started and Student Guide to Online Learning located in the Learner Services drop down menu on the Emily Carr University main Moodle website.

The most thorough video tutorial for faculty would be on the online tutorial . This tutorial, faculty can access from home as well. Please contact the Teaching and Learning centre at for a username and password to access all of the tutorial video files.

This is a video of some basic Moodle features (some of these are specific to Moodle 2.2+).

A more comprehensive overview of how Moodle works.

Video Tutorials

Videos in this playlist (17)

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Learn Moodle in fifteen minutes

Created by Wesleyan University (gone Moodle); the tutorials provide an overview of the essential Moodle knowledge.  While introductory in nature, they do provide a quick reference for Moodlers.  The topics are well labeled and a similar set of tutorials could go a long way in creating a nice foundation/knowledge base for your Moodle-using organization.

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