Moodle ToolGuide and Tool Selector

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MoodleToolsGuide Activities MoodleToolsGuide Activities

Moodle ToolGuide was originally released by Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamas) and then Gavin Henrick updated for Moodle2. It’s been well used and well developed over the years in many institutions and has been a useful tool as an enormous poster.

Now, Richard Oelmann has updated the toolguide by incorporating the tools from the wider online learning environment (e.g. including things like webconferencing, lecture capture etc). Web version of the Popular Moodle ToolGuide is available on the page

Tool Guide
View the guide as an interactive online grid
Click each tool title for additional information about that tool

Tool Selector
Choose an appropriate tool based on a decision tree of what you want to achieve

The Tool Guides were originally created by Joyce Seitzinger, but have been recreated, updated, retooled, translated and shared in many different ways since. This newest iteration is available on Ammar’s blog or using the two links below (which display with the font in a readable size).

[popup] Moodle 2 – Tool Guide for Teachers (Resources)

[popup] Moodle 2 – Tool Guide for Teachers (Activities)

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