Moodle Webinar – How To Effectively Use Video In Online Learning

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Totara LMS webinars from Lambda Solutions

The use of video isn’t a new trend in education and training, but it is a growing one.  Whether you’re in an education or corporate learning environment, video is often a key component of online learning, and also augments in-classroom conversations.

Video increases engagement and has driven flipped classroom models and self-paced learning environments.  How video is used can make a big difference in learning outcomes, but it also has unique challenges: the large file sizes, difficulties in hosting, and ensuring availability across a variety of device types.  If video is the future of online learning, how do you get there?

This free webinar on November 13th will cover:

  • Why use video in online learning?
  • What problems does video solve – and what problems does it create?
  • What considerations do you need around security, search, and performance when using video in your online training?
  • How do you take video from your computer and put it into your course?
  • Can your learners contribute video?
  • Moodle / Totara plugins that allow video to be directly uploaded and used without leaving your learning site

Want to learn more about how you can leverage video to power up your Moodle and Totara site? Register today!

Webinar: LMS Video Webinar – How To Effectively Use Video In Online Learning
Speaker: Arnet Tkachuk, Business Analyst at Lambda Solutions and James Cross, Education Manager at MediaCore, mediated by Chad Leaman, Moodle Evangelist at Lambda Solutions
Date: Wednesday, November 13th
Time: 1:00pm ET (10:00am PT, 11:00am MT, 12:00pm CT)

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Meet The Speakers:

Arnet Tkachuk

Arnet Tkachuk, Business Analyst at Lambda Solutions 
Arnet is a training and implementation analyst with over 10 years of experience.  Arnet has worked in both open source and proprietary software applications in Banking, Clinical Software (EMR), and education industries. His background is diverse and encompasses Customer Service & Support, Help Desk Level I & II Support, Implementation, and Training.

James CrossJames Cross, Education Manager at MediaCore
James is an Apple Distinguished Educator and former secondary school teacher from England. He has worked with schools across the UK to develop their use of technology for learning. James is a recognized expert in online, mobile and informal learning – having had a book published on the use of digital media in the classroom, alongside regular writing and speaking engagements including SXSWedu 2013. He is passionate about the power of online and mobile tools for learning.

Chad Leaman
Chad Leaman, Moodle Evangelist at Lambda Solutions
Chad Leaman is passionate about bridging communities of knowledge and leveraging technology for social good.  He has presented at numerous conferences about customizing and adapting Moodle to meet diverse stakeholder needs.


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