New Open Education and Open Textbook Search site launched

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by Scott Leslie

free thinking

BCcampus has launched a new service to help educators find FREE and OPEN educational resources they can reuse in their courses and customize WITHOUT CHARGE or WITHOUT SEEKING PERMISSION.

The availability of Free and Open educational resources is exploding. As is the availability of Open Textbooks. Yet often educators are unaware of these resources, and finding them through a generic Google search can be daunting.

In order to help raise awareness off the availability of these resources, and maake them easier to find, BCcampus has created the Free Learning site – . From this site, which requires no accounts or login, you can

For institutional reps, you may also be interested to learn how BCcampus can create a free version of this site for your own campus, with your own branding and domain name, or else how you can incorporate any of these searches into your own local serves and sites. Please contact Scott Leslie at or at 250-415-3490 for more details.

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