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Emily Carr University now has a National Film Board of Canada Public Exhibition License.

Hundreds of NFB films and all content on the NFB website are now available to the Emily Carr University community for free public exhibition in streaming mode in classrooms or anywhere on campus. Downloading or reproduction of material on the website is not included in this site license.

Questions about our NFB Public Exhibition License? Contact Larissa Beringer or Danuta Zwierciadlowski

NFB CAMPUS Description

The National Film Board of Canada has been a trusted educational resource for over seven decades. Today, thousands of NFB titles in every form and genre—from documentary to animation, feature film to interactive—are instantly available online. NFB productions rack up more than 14 million views every year.

And now our 21st-century teaching tools are more accessible than ever. Through CAMPUS, educators have an immense bank of innovative teaching resources at their fingertips. Our guides, playlists and sharing features allow you to easily tailor lesson plans to your students’ needs.

CAMPUS can turn any setting into an educational setting. Classrooms, homes, libraries, resource centres, offices and even boardrooms suddenly become places where learning comes to life.

CAMPUS provides innovative ways to incorporate NFB films in the classroom. It features new titles (more than 500 films added, in addition to the existing 2,000!), new search functions (by subject and soon by age group) and new tools for preparing media for classroom use (chapters and playlists). The whole site has been designed specifically with educators in mind, affording easier access and resources to support over 2,500 Canadian films, in both English and French.

Using the new Teacher tab in the EXPLORE function, finding films for your classroom is now simpler and faster. We worked with educators across Canada to develop descriptions and discussion starters for most of the films, so you can tell at a glance whether or not a film may be a good fit for your class.

We have also tried to make it easier to use the film once you’ve found it. We know you like to stop and start DVDs in the classroom to highlight specific scenes or sequences, so we took out the middle man (the DVD player and the remote) and created a tool that allows you to prepare your clips in advance—directly on CAMPUS. The chaptering tool allows you to remove excerpts, label them and add your own comments and questions. And by adding your chapters to a playlist, you can keep track of all your media, as well as your own comments, classroom discussion questions and even study guides—all grouped together in one place.

Also visit the NFB/education site at for more resources such as workshops, apps and study guides.

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