Online Instruction for Open Educators: 6 Week Course, Oct. 14

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A six-week, instructor-led MOOC beginning October 14

The purpose of this team-led course is to help you build and improve your skill in online teaching. Basic strategies for sharing your expertise, facilitating deep discussion, and designing experiential assessments will be covered. Both small and large-scale teaching models will be presented – including MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. This course will be of particular benefit to adult educators with some classroom teaching experience. Whether you are a corporate training and development facilitator, community educator, or a higher education faculty member, this introduction to teaching online will be an opportunity to explore the possibilities of open education, and network with a diverse, global community of practitioners.

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After fully completing the course you should have new skills to:

  • Lead online learning and facilitate a community of practice
  • Apply current adult and distance learning theory to your teaching strategies
  • Utilize a variety of online teaching tools, including open education resources
  • Design engaging and effective online practice activities
  • Network and collaborate more effectively with other educators

Weekly Workload: 2+ hours per week. The more you engage and interact, the more you will learn.

Course Team: Terry Anderson, Athabasca University; Dave Cormier, University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI); Bonnie Stewart, UPEI; Jenni Hayman, Wide World Ed; and Sean Gallagher, Wide World Ed.

Course Sponsor: This course is sponsored by Desire2Learn Incorporated, a global leader in Cloud-based learning solutions to over 10 million learners worldwide. Wide World Ed thanks Desire2Learn for their support and leadership in global education.

Instructor Bios:

photo of terry anderson

Terry Anderson is a professor at Athabasca University – Canada’s Open University at the Centre for Distance Education, and is a former Canada Research Chair in Distance Education. Terry teaches education technology courses in the Masters of Distance Education program, He is the editor of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning – found at the following link: IRRODL, and the Director of the Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research (CIDER). His education blog can be found at the following link: Virtual Canuck, and you can follow him on twitter @terguy

photo of dave cormier

Dave Cormier is an educational activist, researcher, online community advocate and the Project Lead, Student Relations Management at the University of Prince Edward Island. He has published on open education, Rhizomatic Learning, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), Digital Identity, and practical classroom uses of virtual worlds.

Dave’s keynotes in the last couple of years have centred on how coming to know is a messy, imprecise process at once intensely individual and necessarily embedded in a community – Rhizomatic Learning. You can follow him on twitter @davecormier or explore his educational blog at the following link:

Bonnie Stewart

Bonnie Stewart is a Ph.D. candidate and lecturer at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. In higher ed since 1997, Bonnie has lived and taught on all three coasts of Canada and in Eastern Europe and Asia. Her research explores networked identity and reputations, and the implications of networked practices for higher education. Published at, Inside Higher Ed, The Guardian UK, and University Affairs, Bonnie blogs ideas at the following link: Theory Crib Chronicles. You can follow her on Twitter @bonstewart

Jenni Hayman

Jenni Hayman is a passionate advocate for well-designed online education. She believes that learning should be accessible, engaging and effective for everyone. As a higher education instructional designer, Jenni has co-developed over 65 online courses in the past three years. She is defending and publishing her M.Ed Thesis – Essential Practices for Online Instruction this coming month. Jenni is a frequent conference presenter and will be touring Canada this fall and winter encouraging dialogue with faculty and administrators about open online education strategies as core elements of higher education research and innovation for the future.

Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher is an educator and eLearning specialist with nearly fifteen years of experience designing, developing, supporting and evaluating online courses.  With an eclectic background that includes LMS and CMS administration, content and rich media creation, programming, support, instructional design, accessibility and IT management, it’s his job to ensure that Wide World Ed courses are robust, accessible, intuitive and intelligent.

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