Open Badges in Higher Education: (T.e.l.l. Webinar Dec 1st)

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Title: Open Badges in Higher Education
When: 11:00 AM  (PDT), Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Who: Erin Fields, UBC
Where: ETUG Room in BB Collaborate (Link below). If this is your first time using BB Collaborate web conferencing, see some great tips here.


Session Description

An open badge is a digital symbol that signifies concrete evidence of accomplishments, skills, qualities, or participation in experiences. It can provide a visual record of a learner’s achievement and development combined with the required proof. Furthermore, instructors and instructional designers can use educational badges to influence engagement and learning through the provision of focused goals, tasks, and affirmation of performance.  This T.e.l.l. session will explore badge programs at UBC. We will examine badge programs where the visibility of earned badges, community recognition of online participation, and the complexity of criteria for badge earning have helped to build a community with a shared focus and engagement in learning outcomes. We will also discuss the complexities of badging in higher education and it’s potential for the future.


Erin Fields  is Liaison Librarian and Coordinator of Flexible Learning at the erinUniversity of British Columbia. Erin’s current work involves collaborating on a localized open online course on digital and information literacies, piloting an open badging structure across three programs, and supporting the flexible learning initiative at UBC. She is a lead facilitator in the BCOER Librarians group.

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