Open LTI™ App Collection for Education

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What is an Open LTI™ App Collection?
Basically it’s like Facebook apps or Google widgets, but interoperable between lots of edu tools.

Browse the EDU App Centre site to find tutorials, extensions and other resources. It is an open collection of learning apps built on LTI™. These apps are all live and can be used in your class today! NOTE: This site is run by Instructure. The official IMS LTI site is available here. The tools listed on this site should work in most systems.

LMS provider Instructure has launched, an open resource Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) catalog that lets users incorporate more than 130 education apps into their own LMS or education environment.

Developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, LTI is a standard means of putting remotely hosted, third-party applications–like TED videos or Dropbox folders–onto online education platforms, like learning management systems. The apps in integrate with most LMS vendors in higher ed, creating what the company calls “an open education technology ecosystem” for education.

“An open education technology ecosystem creates more opportunities for innovation to thrive,” said Jared Stein, vice president of research and education at Instructure in a statement. “The new website encourages startups and innovators to create apps that work across LMS providers. This means less time integrating one-off technology and more time designing tools and curriculum for new ways of learning.”


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