Open Textbook Summit 2017 Vancouver, May 24-25 SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver

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open textbook summit

The 5th annual Open Textbook Summit will be on May 24-25, 2017 at SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). The Open Textbook Summit attracts a wide range of higher education participants including faculty, students, open educators, project staff, librarians, as well as government policy makers and institutional leaders.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers for the 2017 Open Textbook Summit:

  • Ryan Merkley, CEO Creative Commons
  • Kory Wilson, Executive Director, Aboriginal Initiatives and Partnerships at BCIT


Topics for this year’s summit include:

  1. Faculty experiences adopting, adapting or creating open textbooks
  2. Student advocacy in open textbook adoption and adaptation
  3. The Open Textbook Project in BC: sharing experiences and resources
  4. The importance of Provincial policy in establishing funding programs for open educational resources
  5. The role of librarians in supporting open textbooks
  6. Open textbook research initiatives
  7. Open textbook peer review processes
  8. Institutional support for open textbook adoptions
  9. Technology to support the development and use of open textbooks
  10. Innovative pedagogical activities involving open textbooks and open pedagogy
  11. Open textbooks adoption challenges and how to overcome them
  12. Open textbooks and open pedagogy
  13. Open textbooks: issues of quality in open education


Sharing what we do

  • All artifacts from the BCcampus Open Textbook Summit are openly licensed according to the terms of Creative Commons 4.0 []. This includes photographs, audio and video recordings, and session materials/presentations. By submitting a proposal you agree to these terms.
  • Facilitators and participants are encouraged to post and share their work online.

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