How to Find What Clicks in the Classroom

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Article in the Chronicle of Higher Education identifies how colleges are missing the boat on online education. While the tools for online education get better and better, the adoption rates of technology continue to be low.

The problems she identifies sound familiar to many of us, as do the potential solutions.

  • Colleges and universities have ended programs that rewarded early adopters
  • Most higher-education administrators feel that they did their bit for instructional technology when they adopted course-management systems in the 1990s (yet) too many tools facilitate less-desirable teaching methods (i.e., regurgitation instead of interaction).
  • New social-networking software, sometimes referred to as Web 2.0, could be great for education (and) facilitate interaction.

New structures and spaces of learning: The systemic impact of connective knowledge, connectivism, and networked learning Higher Education, Globalization, and the Knowledge Economy (.pdf)

New Schemas for Mapping Pedagogies and Technologies Cloudworks: Social networking for learning design .doc file

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