QR_U (an open school)

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Qru an open school

QR_U (an open school)
~ Questions, Responses & Unofficial Conversations

An interactive exhibition project presented by artists Lois Klassen, Heidi May, Adam Stenhouse, and Elisa Yon. The project began on November 1, 2011  and was then located to the Concourse Gallery at Emily Carr University of Art and Design from December 1-10, 2011.  QR_U (an open school) presents participants with a series of questions about their relationship with the arts, learning and technology. Please respond to the Questions with text, images & other media; ask your own questions; reply to other responses. This project will continue online indefinitely…

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QR_U – virtual school – On this website, questions will be posted prior to and throughout the exhibition project. Participants are invited to respond with text, images, and links to video and other media. The blog format is intended to allow for multiple conversations to unfold. Between December 1-10, the responses on this website will be linked to the physical space of the Concourse Gallery through the use of QR codes. The codes will be mounted to the walls and visitors will be invited to scan them using mobile phones or the scanner in the exhibition, in order to connect to the conversations created here at the “virtual school.”

QR_U – open school exhibition – From December 1-10, the Concourse Gallery at Emily Carr University will be transformed into three open classrooms where events and discussions will situate the project’s larger questions. Each space is carpeted and equipped with seating and access to this website via QR codes. Events within the space will be documented and archived on qruopenschool.ca in order to put the school’s discussions and events into a larger public context.

‘QR’ in the project title is a play on the abbreviated form of QR code, which actually stands for Quick Response. This project points to the complexity of the relationship between arts, learning and technology, and creates an occasion for experimenting with and moving beyond the quick response.

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