ETUG Spring Workshop 2013 Resource List

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This page is a resource list with links to the presentations of the ETUG Spring Workshop 2013 that took place on the  SFU Burnaby Mountain campus on Thursday, June 6th and 7th.  The SFU Diamond Alumni Centre (DAC) and Halpern Centre provided a wonderful setting to explore as educational practitioners and technology enthusiasts, “teaching, engaging, learning and leading”.

Spring Workshop 2013 Resource List

Quick Links:

  1. The Blissful Survival Rucksack for Engaged Online Learning Nancy White
  2. BC Open Textbook Project: Crowdsourcing Your Input!  – Mary Burgess and Clint Lalonde (BCcampus)
  3. Possibilities & Constraints to a Flipped Classroom Approach Amrit Mundy and Diane Goossens (UBC) 
  4. Bringing Open Lab Science Courses to Life, (or Not) – Ron Evans (NIC) and Takashi Sato (KPU)
  5. Making Breaking the Ivory Tower Gina Bennett (COTR) 
  6. My Flipped Classroom: A Case Study – Judy Larsen (UFV) 
  7. Blackboard Collaborate – Browse, Discover, Share: 3 Levels of Moderator Training – Terri Bateman and BJ Eib (RRU) 
  8. Unpacking the Badges Backpack Zack Lee, Judy Chan, and Luisa Canuto (UBC) 
  9. Breaking New Ground: Write Away Collaborative Online Tutoring Services – Leah Hopton (BC Electronic Library Network (BCELN)) and Lauri Aesoph (BCcampus) 
  10. Engaging Communities of Practice Reflections on Course Design for Experiential Learning  – Kim Lemieux (VIU) 
  11. Ownership of Learning: Who holds the deed? – Esther Tiessen (KPU)
  12. Transferring live lecture into online lesson – Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz (Carleton University) 
  13. E-Portfolios in Assessment – Emerging Learning-Centred Pedagogy:  Collect…Select…Reflect…Connect… – Gail Morong and Donna Desbien (TRU) 
  14. Conference Posters: How to Make them, Assign them and Evaluate them – Linda Apps 
  15. Designing for Touch: Not Just for Mobile Anymore – Paul Hibbitts (Hibbitts Design)
  16. Mozilla Web Tool – Popcorn Maker Hack Jam – Helen Lee (RRU) and Clint Lalonde (BCcampus) 
  17. Liberating Structures Nancy White 
  18. Rolling out streaming video on campus – Michael Paskevicius (VIU)
  19. Toward Open Education – Emily Schudel (Uvic)
  20. Online Instructor Professional Development – Will Engle (UBC) and Brian Lamb (TRU)
  21. Journey in Accessibility for Online Course Design – Kar-On Lee and Matthew Menzies (SFU) 
  22. Transition to Moodle2: How we Supported Faculty Sandra Rogers and Terri Bateman (RRU)
  23. Plenary: Learning Spaces or Spaces for Learning – Michelle Harrison (TRU)

Poster Sessions:

  1. Conference Posters: How to make them, assign them and evaluate them & Poster Session – Linda Apps
  2. Being Visual – Sylvia Currie, Leva Lee, Heather Kincaid & Hilda Anggraeni 
  3. Spidergram : How Are We Doing? – Sylvia Currie, Leva Lee, Heather Kincaid & Hilda Anggraeni 
  4. Demonstration: Remote Operation of Console Controlled Labs for Undergraduate Science – Takashi Sato & Ron Evans 
  5. Using a LMS as a Reflective Medium – Esther Tiessen 
  6. 3D Printers – Dan Wu and Eugene Suyu of Tinkerine Studio

Other Resources:

  1. Participant List 
  2. Audio Recording (Coming soon)
  3. Flickr photo gallery

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