Jane Slemon speaking at the Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Practice – November 14, 2014

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Jane Slemon

Jane Slemon will be speaking on the Opening Keynote Panel: Faculty Perspectives on Scholarly Inquiry at the Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Practice on November 14th, 2014
Jane is a lecturer at Emily Carr University where she has been teaching English and Science courses since 1997. As an RN and Director of Care at a hospice, Jane listens for the ways people reveal their narratives. Mortality challenges us; illness presents layers of meaning: including chemistry, prognosis, genetics and experience along with family, history, song and story. Her paper–“Playful DisPlay: Contemplating McLuhan’s view of the Modern Cadaver” in the online journal, Enculturation–explores the effect Body Worlds has on society and is illustrated by ECUAD’s students. Jane’s science courses–(a) Shape, Function and Metaphor: the Organs of the Human Body and (b) Heart, Mind Health: Learning from the Human Body–celebrate the connections artists and designers make to creative practices and materials.

The first provincial Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Practice includes a variety of keynote speakers, presentations and round table discussions to assist all faculty, teaching assistants and graduate students at any B.C. post-secondary institution to learn more about the exciting world of conducting inquiries into personal teaching and learning practices. This symposium is an important opportunity for people to connect with colleagues from provincial institutions to synthesize knowledge and explore the development of potential collaborations.

Friday, November 14, 2014
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Intended Audience: All faculty (professors, teaching faculty, research faculty, instructors, sessional, and full time educators), teaching assistants and graduate students at all British Columbia post-secondary institutions. In addition, educational developers, directors, administration and research office staff are welcome. Individuals from other post-secondary institutions are also welcome to participate.

“Tech buddy” program

The registration is now full, but for those who would like to attend the conference ‘virtually,’ we will link you with a F2F participant who will serve as your “Tech Buddy.” You will attend the sessions your matched F2F “Tech Buddy” participant attends. Interested? Please email us and we’ll connect you with a F2F participant with the technological ability to Skype you in for the day. Ensure you have a strong Internet connection with appropriate bandwidth, and a Skype account.

Sponsors, hosting and planning

The day is sponsored and hosted by BCcampus and planned by a provincial teaching and learning committee consisting of:

Peter Arthur – University of British Columbia Okanagan,
Grant Gregson – Emily Carr University of Art and Design,
Maureen Wideman – University of Fraser Valley,
Gary Hunt – Thompson Rivers University,
Liesel Knaack – Vancouver Island University

For more information please visit the main information site at http://open.bccampus.ca/symposium-on-scholarly-inquiry-into-teaching-and-learning-practice/

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