[T.E.L.L. December] Creating Your Personal Cloud Storage Network Workshop

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“Creating Your Personal Cloud Storage Network” was a great primer on the considerations we need to make in setting up, organizing, and managing our files in a cloud-of-our-very-own. How do we do this easily and securely?  Grant shares his research on the various services available and what solution he’s selected to try out.  Participants posed good questions and suggestions on this very important and timely topic. Check out the archived resource above!

Session Description

It doesn’t take long when you look around your computer’s files and folders to realize how difficult it can be to manage, store and access your data. Working in the education sector, you will typically have numerous projects on the go at the same time and need to access and share those files from a number of different platforms and devices over the course of your professional life.  This session will be looking at how to setup your own personal cloud service with two examples: an overview of WD’s “MyCloud” and Bitnami’s open source “ownCloud”. A group discussion will follow, providing insight into some of the most popular cloud service options, such as Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Presenter Biography

Grant-GregsonGrant is the Emily Carr University of Art + Design’s Teaching and Learning Centre Coordinator researching and teaching new technologies and pedagogical practices to faculty and staff for use in the classroom, research and online environments. He is the administrator of Emily Carr’s elearning platforms that include Moodle, Blogs and Wikis and video web publishing environments.

Grant serves on the Curriculum Planning + Review Committee (CPR) and on the Current Design Journal Advisory Board at Emily Carr, on the ETUG Steering Committee (SCETUG) and serves as the university’s UCIPD representative (University, College, and Institute, Professional Development). He enjoys directing ECUPS (Emily Carr University Production Services), a student media team providing visual design, filming, publishing and live webcasting of special events, faculty and artist lectures that take place at Emily Carr.

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