[T.e.l.l. January] Transmedia Storytelling Webinar, 11:00 AM (PDT), January 31, 2017

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Title: Transmedia Storytelling
When: 11:00 AM (PDT), January 31, 2017
Who: Duane Woods and Gabe Wong, SFU EdMedia
Where: ETUG Tell Meeting Room in Collaborate Ultra (“Join This Session” link below). If this is your first time using Collaborate Ultra, see some great tips here.

Privacy Statement – PLEASE READ:  As required under the data sovereignty provision of BC’s FIPPA legislation, this notice is to inform you that this session will be recorded and archived, and that the software used for recording the session (BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra), uses servers that are located outside of Canada in Ireland. As a result, a copy of the recording is temporarily stored outside of Canada as part of the recording process. By participating in this session, you acknowledge that your participation in this session will be recorded by servers located outside of Canada. If you wish to participate in this session anonymously, you can participate by entering the room using a pseudonym and refrain from sharing the audio and video from your computer.


Session Description

Featured at the Fall workshop, Duane Woods and Gabe Wong of SFU will TELL us about the wonderful world of TRANSMEDIA. Transmedia storytelling is a new technique of telling a story across multiple platforms, mediums, and formats using current digital technologies, as well as older, standard technologies. Come join us for this innovative and engaging “future of storytelling” session.

Duane Woods has several years of experience in SFU’s Creative Studio and he brings a varied background in videography, editing and webcasting. Gabriel Wong is a graphic designer and visual artist, often working in the intersection between the two. He is interested in creating visual systems imbued with values and narrative.


See post: https://etug.ca/2016/12/13/behind-the-horrific-hordes-how-sfus-tlc-edmedia-team-devised-a-transmedia-game/

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