Teaching with Moodle: Free Online Course – Aug 7th-Sept 4th

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Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction is a free online course for anybody who wants to use the Moodle learning platform for teaching, whether it be in a school, a university, a company or just personal interest. Visit https://learn.moodle.net to register. Learn Moodle is a dedicated MOOC hosted by Moodle HQ for beginners to master the foundations of the learning platform. The course for teachers runs for four-weeks aiming to facilitate learning and collaboration to inspire better teaching everywhere. The four-week course is also a great opportunity to connect with the vibrant Moodle community dedicated to sharing resources, ideas and anything that could help inspire better teaching practices everywhere.

Course starts: 7 August 2016
Course ends: 4 September 2016
Workshop deadline for submissions: Wednesday 24 August 2016
Workshop deadline for assessments: Wednesday 31 August 2016

Note: Workshop deadlines must be met in order to be eligible for a course certificate of completion.
The Teaching with Moodle course is available in read-only mode until 31 October 2016.

Practice courses
Practice courses are available until 30 September 2016.

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Designed to provide a good foundation and context to Moodle, the course covers the basics of the open source (and free!) learning platform, including how to set up and effectively use Moodle in teaching. The course features:

  • Structured, easy to understand content
  • Optional live sessions each week
  • Activity-based learning where participants create their own courses
  • Grading tools, creating activities such as quizzes, glossaries and assignments, handling deadlines and managing enrolments.
  • While there are deadlines for a peer assessment (workshop) activity, you can progress though much of the course at your own pace.

Course details

  • Starts: Sunday 7 August 2016
  • Duration: 4 weeks; expect to spend 3 to 4 hours a week
  • Fees: None – If you would like to contribute towards the costs of providing this course, please consider donating to Moodle or purchasing an item from the Moodle shop.

Course outline

Week One (7 – 14 Aug)
“Getting Started”
  • Course set up
  • Discovering blocks
  • Adding documents
Week Two (15 – 21 Aug)
“Getting Involved”
  • Adding course materials, images and media
  • Engaging learners in collaborative activities
Week Three (22 – 28 Aug)
“Making The Grade”
  • Setting assignments
  • Assessing with quizzes
  • Viewing the gradebook
  • Enrolling learners
Week Four (29 Aug- 4 Sept)
“Taking It Further”
  • Exploring advanced Moodle features
  • Saving and re-using courses

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