The Professor’s Guide to Creating Video with a PC

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mediacore video making

Webcam and screen recording, lecture capture and video assignments. A good guide for faculty for creating video with a PC or Mac from MediaCore (a video platform for education)

Why create your own video content?

Whether you’re practicing flipped or blended learning in your classroom, set the odd video assignment, or have just observed that your students are the Netflix generation — you’ve likely seen what a powerful tool video can be for teaching and learning.

And, while there’s certainly a wealth of great educational content available online, sometimes you (and your students) will want to create your own. Terrific news: It’s never been easier to create great video content!

We know that quality matters — viewers rarely find shaky, inaudible and poorly lit video terribly engaging. But, an understanding of commonly available software, tools and basic production techniques is all you (and your students) need to create great quality video content. Best of all, you probably have most of the tools you need sitting on your desk.

In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know to get produce educational and instructional videos using your PC and webcam. Let’s go!

  1. What you need to get started
    Software and equipment
  2. Production
    Planning your video, recording your screen and webcam
  3. Saving and sharing your video
    Exporting and uploading your video
Visit the TLC’s audio/video editing suite  setup to provide an accessible editing station for faculty to add media rich content to their online or face to face curriculum in Moodle, the Blogs, the Wiki or other platforms. Includes many of the software described in this guide.

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