University-wide Event Booking Procedures

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Attached you will find the new Internal Event Request Form and an Information Sheet on the new procedures.

Here are the required steps to ensure your event is a success and to ensure that all of the university’s internal stakeholders are able to support you effectively.

 At least THREE (3) WEEKS prior to your event:

  1. Determine budget and scope of your event and secure authorization and event budget from your Dean/Departmental Head.
  2. Contact Facilities to place a hold on a suitable room. Obtain the Internal Event Request Form (attached) prior to or at this step to begin acquiring the required signatures (Media Services, Risk Assessment, Security + Janitorial Assessment).
  3. Complete the Internal Event Request form and ensure you have ALL required signatures and GL codes, as needed.

At least TWO (2) WEEKS prior to your event:

The completed Event Request form MUST be submitted to Facilities. If this is not achieved within the time frame, we may not be able to accommodate your event.

  1. Your completed Event Request will require varying degrees of consultation and approvals from the VP Academic Office, President’s Office, Johnson Control (JCI), Collaborative Technologies + Media Resources, Facilities and University Advancement: Events. Please allow adequate time for these areas to process your request.
  2. Facilities will confirm your event and room booking.

No changes to the Event shall be made within two (2) weeks of the date of the event.

EVENTS Planning Procedure at Emily Carr (pdf)

Internal Event Form(pdf)

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