A guide to peer support programs on post-secondary campuses: Ideas and considerations

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Peer support for mental health is an area of interest for many post-secondary institutions across British Columbia. Campus members have implemented, and continue to implement, unique programs offering students a variety of services and supports that connect them with a community of their peers.

To assist campus peer support programs in meeting the unique demands of a campus population, Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses (HM|HC) interviewed 11 peer support organizers–representing seven diverse post-secondary institutions in BC–on the current culture and environment of peer support at their institutions, and compiled them into a Guide. The objective was to develop a collection of ideas and considerations, based on the experiences of these 11 organizers, to assist new programs and further the development of existing ones.

Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses (HM | HC) is a vibrant province-wide community of practice that engages students, campus professionals, faculty, administrators, and community partners. This initiative facilitates creative and collaborative learning opportunities to build capacity in campus mental wellness and healthier relationships with substances. For over a decade we have worked with campus stakeholders to bring research and theory into practice and inspire innovation toward systemic, sustainable change with the ultimate goal of fostering conditions that enhance student well-being and learning.

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